American Gem Collection™ Wanderer Necklace

# 250355

American Gem Collection™ Wanderer Necklace

# 250355

Traverse the United States with piece #176 the “Wanderer” necklace. Crafted in 14k white gold, a multitude of gems come together to create a remarkable, one of a kind display of color! Gemstones from across America are featured in this piece, including Montana Sapphire, California Tourmaline, Maine Tourmaline, Arizona Amethyst, and Georgia Amethyst. These gemstones together represent the wandering, adventurous spirit it takes to discover gems like these. Gemstone lore is truly endless - each culture has its own interpretation and uses for various gems. This necklace adds to the legacy of legend-making as it tells the story of the United States. Truly, our country is a melting pot of people, cultures, and colors - all of which are represented in the “Wanderer.” From the Navaho who carved Arizona Amethyst into arrowheads and adornments, to the miners in Maine who discovered tourmaline at Mount Mica, each region, and each person, adds to the ever growing story of our country. While each element alone is a glory to behold, it is the most magical when we all come together to create something powerful and beautiful - just like this necklace.


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Gemstne list: 1.33ct Georgia Amethyst Pear measuring 4.18x6.64, x2 2.5mm .14ct round Montana Sapphires, x2 .44ct Round California Tourmalines measuring 3mm, x2 .21ct 2.5mm round Maine Tourmalines, x2 3mm .30ctw Arizona round Amethyst, and x1 3x5 oval California Tourmaline weighing .22ct

Name Wanderer Necklace
Stock Number 250355
Type Gemstone Pendant
Metal 14K White Gold
Category American Gem Collection™

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American Gem Collection™

Did you know that less than 1% of all gemstones sold in the world are American gemstones? At Sami Fine Jewelry, we love to buy rare stones that others don't have all while supporting our nation! The rich variety of gemstones from our American Gem Collection™ ranges from our hot pink California tourmaline to crystal blue Colorado aquamarine, lustrous Tennessee pearl and even our own Arizona gemstones. Not only is our American Gem Collection™ made up of one-of-a-kind designs; it is also mined, crafted, and sold exclusively here in the United States.