Butterflies & Myths Monarch Circle Pendant

# 2411968

Butterflies & Myths Monarch Circle Pendant

# 2411968

Monarchs are the symbolism of rebirth. This pendant signifies hope and wonder while still being a piece you can wear daily. The base is sterling silver, bu the wings are 100% real. The beaded chain is made of tiny crystals that match the black in the wings.

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Product Details

Name Monarch Circle Pendant
Stock Number 2411968
Type Pendant
Sub Type Animals, Sterling Silver Pendants
Style Butterflies, nature-inspired
Metal Sterling Silver
Category Sterling Silver

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Sami Fine Jewelry Butterflies & Myths
Butterflies & Myths

Harmony with Nature

Our passion is born from our ancestral origins, our legacy allows us to enjoy the natural pproducts of the Mother Nature; but our commitment is to work with harmony and preserve them in a sustainable way. We are a Peruvian jewelry brand that designs and produces, but also preserves the beauty of the nature in a sustaineble way, to translate it into a jewel with inspiration and passion; taking care of the environment and transmitting our cultural legacy. Our products are made with an special process adapted to protect and preserve the beauty of butterfly wings; to make them resistant to water.
YOLANDA ORMACHEA - the designer.
Yolanda has been working with her butterfly collection for over ten years. At first she made every piece herself, but now she employs a team in Peru, her home country. “While we are working with the wings, we can not touch, in anyway. Because if you touch even a little bit with your hands it can be damaged.” She and her team use special tools to manipulate the delicate butterfly wings into jewelry, trapping them in resin and setting them in Sterling Silver to create a long-lasting and ...