INOX Jewelry Double Brown Leather Bracelet with Rope

# BRLT05

INOX Jewelry Double Brown Leather Bracelet with Rope

# BRLT05

Men's Double Strap Brown Leather Bracelet Wrapped and Brown Rope with Slide Magnetic Clasp, 8.25" long.

Natural Leather Bracelets Collection: Organic style with contemporary twist, the Natural Leather Bracelets deliver urban virility. The bracelets feature leather on its natural state and elevated with innovative steel closures. Blending texture and hue perfectly, each piece is stylishly rough yet comfortable by design.

Using Slide Magnetic Adjustable Link:

1. Using both hands, grasp each side of the clasp with your thumb and forefingers.
2. Using gentle pressure, slide the clasp apart in an up/down motion until the bracelet is fully open.
3. To close, reverse the steps above.

Watch a video on how to use this clasp, Click here.


Product Details

Name Double Brown Leather Bracelet with Rope
Stock Number BRLT05
Department Fashion
Type Bracelet
Style Edgy
Collection Leather Essentials

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