Arizona Amethyst Gold Jewelry Squared Vintage Arizona Amethyst

# 363632

Arizona Amethyst Gold Jewelry Squared Vintage Arizona Amethyst

# 363632

This squared octagon Arizona Amethyst is just waiting to be put in a custom design! It weighs 12.06 carats for a fabulous statement, and measures 14.2mm across.


Buy a loose AZ amethyst and get a free custom design consult!

Sami Fine Jewelry is proud to unveil the Vintage Arizona Amethyst Collection. This is a rare assortment of loose Arizona Amethyst mined from some of the original quartz deposits on the Four Peaks Mountains.  Every stone in this historic collection is uniquely cut and showcases the red magenta flash that Four Peaks Amethyst is known for.  By fate, Sami Fine Jewelry came across these Amethyst gems, and has now partnered with one of the original Four Peaks mine managers. These amethysts were originally extracted in the 1970’s and have been hidden away in a vault for over 50 years.  We haven’t seen Arizona Amethyst with this color in a long time! After a generation, we are now ready to unearth history, and these Arizona gemstones are available for sale! Don’t miss your chance to own the magic of Vintage Arizona Amethyst!


Product Details

Name Squared Vintage Arizona Amethyst
Stock Number 363632
Department Arizona Amethyst™
Type Gemstone
Gemstone Amethyst
Category Arizona Amethyst Gold

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Sami Fine Jewelry  Arizona Amethyst Gold Jewelry
 Arizona Amethyst Gold Jewelry

Sami Fine Jewelry is proud to be the destination for Arizona Four Peaks Amethyst gemstones and jewelry.  There is no doubt that Sami's has by far the largest selection of the finest Arizona Amethyst™ in the world.  Specializing in unique designs, you can choose a ready-made piece that's sure to stand out, our you can work with one of our designers to create something all your own!