Arizona Amethyst Silver Jewelry Sterling Silver AZ State Pendant

# 363496

Arizona Amethyst Silver Jewelry Sterling Silver AZ State Pendant

# 363496

Can't pick your favorite Arizonan gemstone? Neither can we. That's why we created this Arizona state pendant! Each of Arizona's sparkling beauties sits bezel-set inside the borders of Arizona. The fun part? The location of each gem in the necklace corresponds to where they are mined in our state! Anthill garnet is mined in the Four Corners region, Amethyst is mined in the Four Peaks mountains, just outside of Fountain Hills, and Peridot is found just outside of Globe. Represent the greatest state in the land with this artfully crafted necklace in sterling silver!

The Amethyst measures 8.5mm, the peridot measures 7x5mm, and the garnet measures 4mm, for a total of 3 carats of beauty! 




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Gemstone Type: Amethyst, Peridot, Garnet

Name Sterling Silver AZ State Pendant
Stock Number 363496
Department Arizona Amethyst™
Type Gemstone Pendant
Metal Sterling Silver
Categories Arizona Garnet™ Silver, Arizona Peridot™ Silver, Arizona Amethyst Silver

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Sami Fine Jewelry Arizona Amethyst Silver Jewelry
Arizona Amethyst Silver Jewelry

The Four Peaks mine, located about 46 miles outside of Phoenix, is one of the last remaining truly "old school" mines. To preserve the local wilderness and wildlife, no motor vehicles are allowed onsite. Painstaking care is taken for the land, which is why amethyst rough and supplies for the miners are transported exclusively by helicopter. The miners, too, live on the wild side. They hike up the side of the Matatzal (nicknamed "Four Peaks") mountains and camp for one to two weeks at a time with no electricity or running water. Truly, no other gemstone is as beloved as The Arizona Four Peaks Amethyst. From the use of hand tools to extract the stone, to the hand-sorting and cleaning by a local company in Scottsdale, the admiration for this gem and the earth that produces it is clear.

This magnificent Arizona gemstone is stunning in quality and intensity of color, with a dark purple hue and bright magenta flash. Sami's is a proud dealer of Arizona Amethyst, and carries a huge selection of jewelry and loose stones for your collection.