Gemma & Jewel

Gemma & Jewel

Gemstone Enthusiasts

Gemma and Jewel started working at Sami’s fine Jewelry when they were just little puppies. Since then they have learned many new skills and found their own place within the Sami family. Gemma has perfected the art of greeting customers and getting love from them. Her favorite part of working at Sami’s is sweet-talking some treats out of Doug and making new friends. Jewel agrees with Pam that Bling is good! She loves to help the team find the gems that sparkle the brightest by chasing the light it shines onto the floor. Jewels favorite part about working at Sami’s is looking at all of the pretty gems and working closely with her family. When Gemma and Jewel are not at Sami’s they enjoy playing with toys, snuggling, and following their mom around the house. 

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