Jill Mclaughlin

Jill Mclaughlin
Sales Associate & Dog Lover
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Jill was raised in Southern California but now resides in Mesa, Arizona. She is married with 2 grown children, a husband (Mitch), a dog (Mary Frances), and a kitty (Goo-Goo the Cat). She spent many years in the building/construction industry as a Project Manager. She decided to dust the dirt off her shoes and play dress-up with jewelry.....and has never been happier!  Adept at using her managment and decision making skills, she has put herself to the test in the retail industry, and found amazing success here at Sami's. She misses her fur children while working and personally greets every animal that visits the store. When you come to shop with Jill, bring your dog, too! She'll treat you both like royalty.Her favorite saying (aside from "let me gift wrap that") is "Paw Power!" The only thing she loves more than fun and unique jewelryare furry friends. 

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