Stephanie Lochner

Stephanie Lochner
Operations Manager
Graduate Gemologist, GIA


In 2005, shortly after graduating high school, Stephanie started working at Sami Fine Jewelry.  She had discovered her interest in gems and diamonds in an elective class she took in high school. Stephanie continued to explore her newfound passion through her 10+ years at Sami’s. In 2012 Stephanie became a Graduate Gemologist and is still active with the GIA alumni in Phoenix. What Stephanie loves most about Sami Fine Jewelry is that it is a truly unique jewelry store with everything from silver charms to large carat diamonds. Sami’s vast collection of gemstones is always growing and capturing Stephanie’s curious and ambitious spirit. When Stephanie is not at Sami’s feeding her love for gemstones and people, she spends time with her family.

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