Crafting New From Old: Jewelry Redesign


Creating New From Old

We all have jewelry hidden away in a drawer. Whether is was a gift that missed the mark, inherited pieces, or just something that’s gone way out of fashion, we get it. These fashion faux-pas pieces shouldn’t  go to waste! With our designers and onsite jewelers, it is possible to redesign your jewelry into something you truly love!

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Update your Style

When you receive inherited jewelry, it might be easier to store it away and keep it the way it was originally worn. But wouldn’t your relative would have wanted you to wear their piece! When redesigning jewelry, you are giving old pieces a chance to be reinvented. You have control, and can design the piece into something that truly reflects you. You can even combine multiple pieces into one cohesive design.

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Sentimental Value

Making over jewelry from family members can be extremely sentimental. Many of our clients come to us with pieces from family that have passed on, and it important to them that we use original gemstones or diamonds in a new design. Repurposing jewelry that has been gifted or passed down maintains the respect and meaning of the original gift, all while making sure you are completely in love with the design.

Custom Ring

Repurposing is Responsible

Re-using your old jewelry to create something new is environmentally responsible. You may not even think about it, but you are recycling materials! You are conserving resources by repurposing your old pieces to craft something new, instead of buying a new piece outright and leaving old jewelry to gather dust. It’s a win-win!

Custom Ring Creation

It’s All About You

The best thing about redesigning jewelry is that the possibilities are nearly endless. If you come in with a ring, it doesn’t need to stay a ring! We can use stones and metal to craft a pendant, earring, a bracelet, cufflinks… You get the idea. Your wish is our command. Think of it as a home renovation show, but with diamond and gold and gemstones, oh my!

Custom Pendant

Many people aren’t aware that using old jewelry to create something is even possible, but with our design team and jewelers, the sky’s the limit. Whether you want to wear an heirloom diamond or simply switch up an old style, the process is focused on you and what you will be excited to wear. If you have old pieces sitting around the house, give them a second chance! We would love to redesign them into the beautiful pieces they deserve to be.

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