Step Into Spring with Aquamarine

It’s hard to believe, but we’re already a quarter of the way through the year! As you undergo the busy month of March, it’s lovely birthstone, aquamarine, will bring forth a calming peace and serenity into your life. Read on to learn more about this enchanting, sea-worthy gem.

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Aquamarine was given its name due to the beautiful ocean-blue color it possesses. The name was derived from the Latin word for seawater, due to this resemblance. This gem has always been significantly valued since it was first discovered, dating back to about 430 to 300 BCE. Today, the value of aquamarine depends on how deep the color is - the deeper the blue, the more valuable it will be. Depending on the lighting and gemstone itself, aquamarine can also appear to have a slightly green hue. Almost every aquamarine gemstone is heat treated to display more of the desired blue color, which looks attractive and flattering on all skin tones.

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Aquamarine is a part of the beryl family, along with emeralds and morganites. Though they are chemically very similar, these gemstones have extremely different qualities and attributes. Aquamarine is found in igneous rocks and mined with tools such as compressors, jackhammers, and shovels. After it is taken from the rock, it is washed in clean water, sorted, and taken to jewelers to be cut. The largest supply of aquamarine can be found in Brazil, although it is found all over the world in places like Kenya, Madagascar, Pakistan, Tanzania, and even Colorado here in the United States. The biggest aquamarine, found in Brazil, weighs a whopping 242 pounds and can now be found famously sitting in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C.

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Back in the ancient Greek and Roman times, aquamarine was (and still is) said to bring hope, youth, courage, happiness, and peace to its wearer. Aquamarine is a calming gemstone, reminding people of beautiful oceans, seas, lakes, and rivers around the world and can easily put a glowing smile on to anyone’s face. The gemstone is said to give its wearer the power to overcome procrastination and clear their minds, making it easier to think and concentrate. It is said to be a fantastic gem for meditation, because of its peaceful qualities.For the same reasons, it has been said to calm nervousness and provide inner tranquility. Greeks and Romans referred to aquamarine as “the sailor’s gem”, as it was said to protect the sailors as they endured long journeys across the seas. When cut into a polished ball, aquamarine was known as the most popular and lucky tool for fortune telling. Some say them gem helps bring insight to the person gazing into it. During battles and wars, the gemstone was said to help bring victory.

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Aquamarine is a very hard gemstone, rating a sturdy 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs hardness scale and making it quite durable and strong. You should always make sure to remove your jewelry before doing things thats may cause hard blows and scratches, as this can still damage the gemstone. Like any other jewelry, it should be handled carefully and cleaned often. You can clean your aquamarine gems with soapy water and a soft toothbrush, but ultrasonic machines are not recommended cleaning methods. Of course, we can always help keep your jewelry in good condition when you bring it in for a free cleaning and inspection.

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Legend says that aquamarine jewelry can improve your life, and we can’t help but agree. With it’s stunning color, durability, fascinating history, it is sure to make March an excellent month! This gem is the perfect way to celebrate March birthdays, Spring occasions, and 19th wedding anniversaries.


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