The Lore and Luster of November

The feeling of Fall has officially taken hold of the valley. Even though we’re pampered here in the metro Phoenix area with gorgeous weather, the mornings have taken on a chill, and the air feels crisp. Halloween has passed, and the holidays are almost here. That’s right, it’s November! What better way to appreciate this transitional time than to celebrate this month’s birthstones, Citrine and Topaz? Read on to learn more about these captivating gems.

The Glow of Citrine

With a name derived from “citron,” the French word for lemon, it’s no surprise that this gem is a vibrant, sunny yellow tone. It ranges from pale yellow to rich golden. In fact, in ancient Greece and Rome, citrine was highly sought after for it’s color. It was thought that the sun God, Helios, left behind this gem as he traveled across the globe. The vibrant yellow citrine continued to stay in fashion through the ages. During the Art Deco period, large citrines were set in many luxurious pieces, including some worn by famed Greta Garbo. 

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Citrine Legends

Through the ages, many have looked to citrine to aid in physical and spiritual healing. Likely due to its vibrant color, this gem has long been associated with vitality. Practitioners of the past had even gone so far to say that citrine helped with degenerative disorders! While these claims seem outlandish, it is easy to see why this association came to be. The glow of citrine seems to come from a source of energy within the gem. This glow has led to the stone being associated with mystical powers as well! Some say that citrine carries the powers of self-healing, self-improvement, and inspiration. The uplifting yellow of the gem can certainly improve your mood, and give you an optimistic outlook!

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Caring for Citrine

Citrine should be worn carefully, to protect it from hard bumps and scratches. With this in mind, it does hold up very well with frequent wear. Note that with prolonged exposure to sunlight, the depth of the color may fade over time. Citrine jewelry can be cleaned with warm, soapy water and a soft brush. How easy is that?

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A Gem of Many Colors

Topaz comes in a plethora of colors - from white to pink to blue! For November’s birthstone, golden yellow topaz is considered traditional. However, any color topaz can be used to celebrate this month! Topaz can be found all over the globe, and has been used in jewelry and decoratively for ages. 


Topaz Tales

Different colors of topaz were said to have different powers and properties. Blue topaz (also the birthstone for December) has been related to the mind. Some say that it inspired creativity, and allows you to take the time to process complex issues. Many have used this stone to help articulate their thoughts. Pink and Purple topaz are related to hope and love. They have been used to attract people into your life that are positive influences, and allow you to nourish love within yourself. Golden yellow topaz, symbolic of the Fall season, is a gem of strength and stability. Many have said that this gem creates abundance, allowing you to flourish within your goals! 


Topaz Care: 

Topaz ranks an 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness, so it is a quite durable gem. Still, it should be protected from being dropped or bumped, as it can still chip and scratch. Regular maintenance can keep your topaz jewelry looking beautiful for generations. Cleaning with warm, soapy water, or a gentle jewelry cleaning solution is all this gem needs! 


Now that you’re a November gemstone pro, why not have a citrine or topaz piece of your own?  November's birthstones offer a wide variety of color and design, making it fun and easy to match a piece to your individual style and personality. You could also buy a piece of citrine or topaz for a loved one as a gift for the upcoming holiday season! Show off your love for the fall season with November’s beautiful birthstones!

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