September's Scintillating Sapphire


It’s hard to deny the allure of the deep blue of a sapphire. But, did you know that sapphire comes in a multitude of colors, not just dark blue? Fancy color sapphires are gaining in popularity, as they add a touch of the unexpected to any jewelry design. Better yet, Montana is a rich source for sapphires that are sustainably mined, and they can be nearly any color of the rainbow! Read on to learn more about the sultry September birthstone.

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Montana Sapphires are Eco-Friendly


While sapphires are mined all over the globe, the majority of mining operations extensively excavate the land, disturbing the environment. Most Montana sapphires are found in alluvial deposits of rivers, so they’re much easier to access. Many of the mines in Montana are family-owned and operated. Anyone mining in Montana must adhere to fairly strict guidelines, so that the surrounding areas are maintained. Plus, Montana-mined gemstones are more likely to be cut and sold within the United States, so you’ll be supporting the local economy! Sami Fine Jewelry is proud to offer Montana Sapphire pieces in our American Gem Collection. We hand select each gem and choose the mounting that best shows the beauty of the stone. 


Gems of the Rainbow


Sapphires are a variation of a mineral called corundum. Corundum is an extremely durable mineral - second only to diamonds - making these gems perfect for everyday wear. Sapphire can form in any color aside from red (red corundum is called ruby!) so you can find the perfect color sapphire to suit your style. In Montana, sapphires are from two general areas, the Yogo region, and along the Missouri River bars. Yogo sapphires are unusual for Montana in that they are found deeper underground, still within the host rock. These sapphires are known for rich, cornflower blue hues, and usually don’t need to be treated to enhance their color. If you’re looking for a gorgeous blue that only mother nature creates, a Yogo sapphire might be for you! Elsewhere in western Montana, other colorful sapphires can be found. Colors vary from blue to green, even yellow! These are known as “fancy” color sapphires. Depending on the level of color saturation, these may or may not be heat treated to enhance their natural beauty. Heat treating is a widely accepted practice for sapphires, and does not damage the stone. 

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Sapphire Meaning Through History 


People have associated the crisp blue of a sapphire with the heavens for ages. In fact, according to some ancient Persian legends, the Earth actually rests within a giant blue sapphire, which gives the sky its color. While there are many ways to connect blue sapphire to the sky and to the celestial realm, different meanings and legends are associated with each color. Pink sapphire had been said to bring you good fortune, and intensify love in relationships. Yellow sapphire, according to legend, enhances your intellect and creativity, and helps in achieving goals. Ocean blue-green sapphire, though, is among the most sought-after of colors. Combining the classic appeal of deep blue with the mysterious, earthy tone of green, these sapphires are said to enhance compassion and connectedness to the world around you. 

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Timeless Style


It’s clear to see that sapphire jewelry has been a staple for ages, and it’s not going out of style any time soon. Whether you’re a September baby with a Sapphire birthstone, or just love the durability and longevity of this beautiful gem, sapphire is an excellent addition to your jewelry box. Fancy color sapphires are perfect if you’re looking for something earthy and unexpected, but you can never go wrong with the traditional deep blue, either. Whether a sapphire necklace, ring, or pair of earrings is calling your name, Sami Fine Jewelry is excited to offer you only the best in ethically mined sapphires!

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