How to Stay Safe - And Stylish!


Wearing a mask can be a contentious thing for some people, but it doesn’t have to be. From fashion designers to Etsy DIY-ers, there are dozens of options to purchase a mask, or to try your hand at making one yourself. From a strictly health-conscious perspective, it doesn’t matter what your face mask looks like or where you got it, all that matters is you’re wearing one. But, this is your face we’re talking about! It’s what we use to communicate and express ourselves on the most basic level. It’s what we use to identify each other… And now it has to be covered. It’s natural that many of us want to find a work-around somehow. Though it may not be for everyone, wearing a fun face mask, and getting a bit elaborate with accessories, can be one small way to make a bad situation feel less terrible. 


For the Vibrant Personality

If you’re an expressive person who always seems to claim attention, wearing a mask might make you feel disconnected. Why not choose a mask that’s just as colorful as you are? Pick out one with a fun pattern, or with bright, playful colors. This will lift your spirits and make a statement any time you leave the house! Pair it with funky and colorful jewelry to make a head-to-toe look. There’s no reason you have to settle for boring clothing or accessories, so why should you settle for a boring mask? Accessorize it with our “Wanderer” American Gem Collection set to be bold! Plus, you’ll be supporting American mined and American made styles, too!

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For the Minimalist

Maybe flashy colors and patterns aren’t your thing. You have a more refined taste, but still like to express yourself with classic, staple clothing and jewelry. Get an expertly crafted mask in luxurious fabrics to show the world that you wear only the best - even a mask! Pair it with some diamond staples to finish off the perfect look. Diamond hoop earrings can add sparkle to any look (mask included!). A diamond necklace is always a classic, and draws attention away from a face covering. You’ll look perfectly poised, no matter the situation.

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For the Boss Babe

You’re always in control, and always look the part. When it comes to style, color-coordinated outfits and perfectly-selected pieces are all over your closet. Why not extend the look to a mask and jewelry? For a commanding outfit that’s always on-trend, pick out a mask that compliments your wardrobe, and style it with jewelry to suit the color scheme.

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For the Art Lover

Express your taste for art and fashion all at once! A mask with an artsy pattern, or better yet - a mask that’s based on real artwork - is an awesome way to show off your love for good art. Become a piece of artwork yourself when you pair your mask with on trend jewelry, like a station necklace, or fun and funky rings and bracelets. You can take these masks in any direction! Pick out colorful hues to draw attention, or a black and white print for a more subtle way to celebrate your style.

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We all know it’s not the most comfortable thing to wear a mask when we go out. But, for the time being, there are ways to keep each other safe, without sacrificing our style and personality. Next time you wish you didn’t have to wear a mask, think of how you can add your own flair and even have some fun with it! Remember that this too shall pass, and in the meantime, explore new ways to celebrate your style while masking up! 

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