March's Birthstone: Admirable Aquamarine

The spring sunshine that so many of us crave is beginning to’s finally March! As this month brings feelings of joy and delight, so does its beautiful birthstone, Aquamarine. This light blue gem is known for its gorgeous, ocean-like color and is often associated with faithfulness, healing, wisdom, and youth. Read on to learn more about Aquamarine, all of its special properties, and why it makes a great gift!

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Ocean Blue

Aquamarine is nicknamed the “gem of the sea” - and for good reason! Many relate Aquamarine to the ocean because of it's gorgeous color that ranges from a beautiful pale blue to a stunning bright teal. The darker the stone, the more expensive and rare it will be. Many Aquamarine gemstones also contain lovely green undertones that add dimension and flare to their appearance. The blue-green colors that Aquamarine gemstones contain appear to look like the water just as the land gives way to the sea, hence the word “aqua marine,” which means “sea water” in Latin. It is often a favorite gemstone of jewelry designers, as even the palest blue Aquamarine stones make for absolutely stunning jewelry. The soothing hues of this gem makes it the perfect reminder to relax, breathe deep, and find your inner peace. 

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Rare Aquamarine

The majority of Aquamarine is mined in Brazil, however, it is also commonly found in Colombia, Kenya, Tanzania, and even the Colorado Rocky Mountains! Although Aquamarine is often confused with stones such as Blue Topaz, it is much more rare and expensive. One reason for this is because Aquamarine is a member of the Beryl family, which includes some of the most valuable gemstones in the world, like the emerald. The largest Aquamarine gemstone ever found, nicknamed “Dom Pedro”, was discovered in Pedra Azul, Brazil, and named after two famous Brazillian emperors. The magnificent gemstone weighs a whopping 10,363 carats and now rests in the National Museum of Natural History's Janet Annenberg Hooker Hall of Geology.


A Mystic Gem

Aquamarine has been revered in the past for its many healing properties and special powers. Long ago, the gemstone was commonly used by sailors who wore the stone in belief that it would keep them safe during their long and dangerous travels. Some believed it to be a treasure lost by mermaids, and used it for good luck and bravery. Today, Aquamarine is believed by some to have the ability to aid in healing diseases. Wearing this beautiful gemstone is said to bring happy emotions into one’s mental state, as well as increase intelligence and good health. Many believe that Aquamarine reduces anxiety, negative thoughts, and toxic feelings, while bringing about gratefulness and the joyous things of life. Aquamarine is also said to be great for people who have a fear of public speaking - it relates to the throat chakra, allowing the wearer to relax and articulate their truth.

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Aquamarine in Jewelry

We love aquamarine in jewelry for a number of reasons! Not only is it beautiful, but it is particularly well suited to being worn. With a Mohs hardness between 7.5 to 8, it stands up well to the wear and tear of daily life. Plus, faceted aquamarine has a gorgeous translucent quality that makes for a gemstone that is usually eye-clean. It really sparkles! When you’re shopping for aquamarine, remember that the darker the blue tone, the more rare and sought-after the gem is! But don’t let this keep you from purchasing a lighter blue aquamarine, they can be equally beautiful if you prefer a subtle color. Aquamarine crystals range from tiny to very large, so no matter what design you’re looking for, we’ll be able to get an aquamarine that will fit!

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All of Aquamarine’s wonderful attributes are desirable and treasured, and it is easy for a gorgeous piece of Aquamarine jewelry to bring a bright smile to almost any face! Here at Sami’s, we get many of our Aquamarine gemstones from the Colorado region, where most gems are a beautiful icy blue color. Less than 1% of all gemstones set into jewelry are from the United States, so you can be confident that you’re supporting local and American business! Our Aquamarine jewelry is elegant, unique, and always a great gift choice for loved ones...or  yourself! Stride into springtime while wearing a gorgeous piece of Aquamarine!

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