Soothing Energy of Amethyst


Throughout the ages, amethyst has been considered an important gem for its beauty and it’s ability to soothe the mind and emotions. By today’s classifications, it is considered a semi-precious gem, but at one time it was prized as highly as a diamond. If you’re feeling anxious and could use a beautiful reminder that life continues on through the ups and downs, amethyst can be a spiritual helper.

Amethyst Point 

Whether amethyst is left as a natural crystal point, tumbled, or faceted into a beautiful gem, there is no denying that it’s beauty is beyond other gems. Though it is a variety of quartz that can be found all over the world, the violet hue promotes relaxation and enlightened awareness. According to Greek myth, amethyst has the power to prevent intoxication. While it might not actually keep you from becoming drunk, it can also prevent intoxication of your mind in a broader sense. Amethyst promotes clearheadedness and logic, even in the midst of confusion and chaos. It can serve, for some, as a gemstone that grounds them in reality and helps provide direction.

For those who are more spiritual, amethyst has been said to provide a connection to creative and passionate energy. Within the cool, tranquil violet tones of amethyst live fiery flashes of reds and magenta. These flashes are what Arizona Four Peaks amethyst is known for. The  highlights of color are said to help those who feel stuck find inspiration, and creative ways to solve problems. Many use amethyst as a talisman for success and focus, claiming that it helps them find their purpose and creatively influence their thought processes.

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Many cultures have, of course, thought that amethyst was a cleansing and healing stone. No gem or healing energy can replace medical care, but for those of us who feel more emotionally upset than physically sick, amethyst can help relax the mind. Spiritualists say that amethyst creates a protective shield for the soul, pushing away negative energy, and allowing negative emotions to heal. Some have used amethyst as protection against black magic or curses. The popularity of amethyst in rosaries and prayer beads further attest to the spiritual connection of the gem. To this day, amethyst is used to aid in meditation for its ability to quiet a mind that is stressed or overwhelmed.

In times of stress and uncertainty, it is easy to panic and become angry at your circumstances. Cultures across the world have turned to amethyst in their spiritual practices for guidance, clarity, and calm. Whether or not you believe that these gems will heal your stresses, it is hard to deny their beauty. Amethyst is a gem that is not only a joy to wear - it reminds us to breathe deeply, stay focused, and find positive creative outlets even in the midst of negativity. 

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