How To: Support Small Businesses!


In times like these, shopping small and local is at the top of everyone’s minds. Many of us want to continue to support our favorite local shops and small businesses, but also want to save our money for necessities. Luckily, there are a lot of ways to show your favorite businesses that you appreciate them in your community, even without spending money! Amid the stress and general feeling of uncertainty, now is the time to show support for the places you want to continue to exist. Read on to learn some of our favorite ways to support the independent business, designers, and brands you love.


Leave a Review

This can be so impactful, and takes just a few minutes! If you have a favorite cafe that always makes your coffee the right way, or a shop that always makes you feel at home, let them know. Leaving a Google, Yelp, and Facebook review is a great way to let your favorite business know you appreciate having them in your neighborhood. Even better, they let everyone know what makes small independent businesses so special.


Get Social

Follow your favorite business on social media. Even if you’re not very active online, becoming a follower gives your favorite brands a vote of confidence. A simple like can go a long way! If you are active on Facebook or Instagram, you can help create a sense of community by commenting on your favorite businesses posts, and sharing them with your family and friends. In lieu of being able to visit your favorite stores, help them create an atmosphere of fun online by participating in quizzes, answering questions, and getting your friends to join in! Sharing your favorite shop’s items to your Facebook is an easy way to connect with your favorite brands, and introduce your friends to something they might not have known about.


Explore Online

Even if you don’t make a purchase, interacting with a small business’ website means a lot! Many independent businesses track their number of visitors. Even if you just get ideas for later on, knowing that you’re looking at their website is a good sign! Read their blog posts if they have any, and sign up for their newsletter if you can. All of these things will help keep you up to date with what your favorite stores are doing, and show the business owners that they are still relevant, even if you can’t come in and shop. Go a step further and share your favorite business’ website with family and friends that may be interested in doing a little shopping. 


Communicate Directly

For businesses that may not have social media or a strong presence on the internet, send them a message directly. An email that explains why you love their products or services, and that reinforces their importance in your life and the community as a whole would be an amazing thing to send right now. Give them permission to use your testimonial as a promotion, if you’re comfortable with that. Kind words can go a long way in keeping spirits high.

It is times like these when community truly means everything. Here at Sami’s, we strive to treat each other and all of our clients like family. There are countless clients who have reached out with their continued desire to support us, and we can’t thank you enough! We hope this list of ways to support your favorite businesses extends past us, and helps us all uplift the amazing shops that make Fountain Hills so special. Together, we can overcome anything.

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