Thoughtful Graduation Gifts

With all of the changes going on in the world, the class of 2020 has had to find alternate ways to celebrate their amazing accomplishments and next steps into the professional world. Although not being able to have the traditional senior prom and graduation is disheartening, seniors have continued to stay positive during this time. Show your graduate that they are not forgotten with a beautiful, timeless gift...a lovely piece of jewelry! Read on for some grad gift ideas and inspiration that will last a lifetime.

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Graduation is such a special time of celebrating each graduate’s achievements, as well as the exciting future that awaits them. Whether they be in high school or college/university, personalized jewelry is always a lovely gift that they will cherish for the years to come! Engraving their initials, their graduation date, or even the location of their Alma Mater onto a piece of gorgeous jewelry are great ways to show how special this milestone in their life is, and how proud you are of them. If they are planning to start a new adventure away from home, a state pendant is a great way to remind them of home, wherever they may go. 

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Diamond jewelry is another great graduation gift idea. Diamonds are often said to represent fresh starts, something that every graduate looks forward to. Celebrate their new beginning with classic diamond staples such as simple studs or a lovely solitaire pendant. Not only are diamonds a girl's best friend, but they go with almost anything and are always easy to accessorize. A staple for the “sophisticated”, diamonds are the perfect way to represent a young lady becoming a woman.

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Having a hard time finding a gift for the guy graduates in your life? A men’s watch is the perfect gift for the occasion that is sure to remind them to treasure and cherish every moment in their lives - because time goes by so fast! A watch is sure to give them a mature look, representing their journey into adulthood. A chain bracelet or necklace are also great gifts for male graduates...stylish and snazzy, these gifts will send him into the world looking smart and professional. 

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Our American Gem Collection here at Sami’s has so many colorful gemstone pieces, many of which could represent your graduate’s school colors. For example, our “Midnight Sky” earrings, “Water’s Edge” necklace, and “Glacial Spring” ring all include beautiful shades of blue, a very common and repetitive school color seen across the country. Another school color, purple, can be found in our “Lady Luck” pendant which contains gorgeous hues of purple. Plenty of our American Gem pieces include school colors that will remind each graduate of their achievements and class. We can even custom design a timeless look to include their school colors.

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Overall, any senior in the class of 2020 will appreciate your gesture of wanting to acknowledge their accomplishments. Even though they may not be able to celebrate in the way they had hoped, there are so many alternative ways to recognize their efforts made throughout their time in school. Be sure that your gift will mean more than words can say.

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