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Arizona Four Peaks Amethyst

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Did you know that Arizona is home to the only commercially run Amethyst mine in the United States?

In fact the Arizona Four Peaks Amethyst mine is believed to be the only precious stone mine in the United States that requires a helicopter to transport tools and remove the amethyst rough from the mine. The location of the mine is remote and is located in the most rugged parts of the Matatzal Mountains (46 miles from Phoenix). The miners live at the mine for 1-2 weeks at a time, and have to hike 9 miles roundtrip to get to work. There is no running water at the mine. No motorized vehicles are permitted, and hand tools must be used for a slow tedious extraction of the amethyst. The miner's only luxury is a small shed and a generator. A couple times a year the amethyst rough is removed from the mine. Once taken by helicopter out of the mine, it is then sent to a company in Scottsdale to be cleaned and sorted. Then the amethyst is sent overseas to Bangkok be cut. Out of 1000 pounds of amethyst rough, it may produce as little as 2000 carats of finished stones.

This magnificent Arizona gemstone is stunning in quality and intensity of color, with a dark purple hue and bright magenta flash. Sami is a proud dealer of this Arizona gemstone and carries a huge selection of jewelry and loose stones.


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