The Amethyst Grading System

The beautiful state of Arizona is home to some of the most spectacular amethyst around the globe. Here at Sami’s, we believe it is so important to have an understanding of the amethyst grading system before buying to ensure that you choose a gemstone that suits your taste perfectly. When making a decision to purchase Arizona Amethyst, there are three different qualities to choose from: Superior, Prime, and Budget.  

Superior Grade Arizona Amethyst

Superior Grade

Superior Grade amethyst is known as the most precious amethyst in the world. Believe it or not, less than 10% of all mined Arizona Amethyst is considered Superior Grade. Superior Grade amethyst is a deep royal purple color with unique magenta hues and flashes. It is very rare to find Arizona Amethyst that is both Superior Grade and over 3 carats in size. However, Sami’s always gets first choice of the Amethyst that is hand-mined from the Four Peaks, and every year we purchase ALL of the Superior Grade Amethyst that is available. If any of these large stones are available, we get them! Our store owner and graduate gemologist assess every amethyst gemstone before it is set into our precious jewelry. We are very proud to offer rare and unique Superior Grade Arizona Amethyst at Sami Fine Jewelry.

After our amethyst gemstones are cut by a master cutter, they are evaluated under 10x magnification and we ensure that there are no imperfections or flaws in the cut and quality of the stone. We only use our Superior Grade Arizona Amethyst for our designer pieces that are crafted in either elegant gold or gorgeous platinum because there is a limited supply of these amazing gemstones.

Prime Grade Arizona Amethyst


Prime Grade

Slightly more common than the rare Superior Grade, 25% of all Arizona Amethyst mined is Prime Grade.  The Prime Grade Amethyst collected from the Four Peaks mine possesses a lighter hue than the deep shades displayed in the Superior Grade gemstones. While Superior Grade amethyst is more rare, some people may prefer the lighter hue of the Prime Grade Amethyst over the dark rich violet colors of Superior Grade. The Prime Grade Arizona Amethyst mined from the Four Peaks while sometimes considered less desirable than Superior Grade, is vibrant in color and is a better quality than the majority of amethyst featured on today’s market. Every Prime Grade Amethyst gemstone is hand selected by the owner and evaluated by Sami’s gemologist.


Budget Grade

Over half (65%) of Arizona Amethyst mined is Budget Grade. Unlike Superior and Prime Grade, Budget Grade amethyst is not consistent in its color and can vary from quite dark shades that look nearly black to translucent light purple hues. If you are cost conscious or looking for a gift for a loved one, Budget Grade Amethyst is the perfect choice for you! Sami Fine Jewelry and do not sell the budget grade quality of the Four Peaks Amethyst as we believe in selling the most beautiful American gemstones that Arizona offers, even if there is a limited quantity available. 

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